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Wild Card (2015)

by: David on: 15/12/15 at 00:51

Just watched a surprisingly good movie, considering it appears to be a straight to netflix affair. Jason Statham is a brocode enforcement officer, helping guys get the girl, when his friend is attacked by Peter Petrelli from Heroes who has gone downhill to the point of being a mafia boss. In the midst of all this our anti-hero takes on that kid from the Forbidden Kingdom (Jackie chan drunken boxing exhibition) who despite now being a world class martial artist is a millionaire looking for a thrill. Jason deals some retribution to the gang boss, is questioned by the bosses boss and gets away with it. After some lucky times in a casino showing the ups and downs of a gambling addiction, or Vegas addiction as it seems, which leads to some awesome fight sequences and whilst it is questionable that he will manage to get away. The film ends with Mr Statham escaping with the help of the kid from forbidden kingdom who finds solace in an impromptu Karaoke. This is a really good film that has in my view, taking Statham away from a spate of films like the mechanic and letting us fans down by allowing the Transporter series to continue without him. Give it a watch! (Rating system will be added at a later time)

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